Beware Of These 5 Fashion Faux-Pas That Can Ruin Your Date Night!


You might be a 6’3, charming bloke with hazel eyes, but one wrong move and your date can be featured on online blooper videos. Yes I understand, dates can be very scary. But it’s a good thing that you can plan them out. In a date, what you wear is what you are. Wear a little black dress when meeting a conservative guy and you might get a tramp stamp. To avoid making your date cringe, I, Nishan Kohli suggest you to avoid these five common fashion mistakes:

Avoid wearing what you wear daily

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Don’t put on your overused faded jeans or that black band t-shirt that you always wear to work. Put on something unusual that complements your looks. Dates are special, so go for that occasional dress or suit that has been hanging in your wardrobe for so long.

Avoid too much skin show

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Tube tops, little black dresses, and shoulder-cut tops should be worn with caution. You don’t want to look easy-to-get. Dates might think you’re not the kind of girl interested in a meaningful relationship. For men, V-necks can give the women an ugly view of the hairy or an over-smooth cleavage. Additionally, not everyone will appreciate your beefcake look in a sleeveless shirt.

Skip clothes that make you suck in

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Women in the Victorian times used to wear corsets. This undergarment would help them suck-in their abdomen, which would often make them faint because of lack of air. Avoid corsets, or you’ll have problems carrying yourself around. Moreover, your date won’t appreciate the fact that you’re trying to be something that you are not. Men can avoid the tummy tuckers in a bid to hide that paunch. Being natural counts.

Adjust your outfit in the bathroom

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It’s really embarrassing when people adjust their underwear in full view of the public. Now put your date in the equation and you’ll get the idea why it should be done in the bathroom. Avoid wearing something that needs a lot of adjustments. Else, you won’t be able to concentrate on your date.

Avoid overdoing your make-up

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At times, women often paint their face with a lot of rouge and foundation that makes them look funny. Some make-up elements are heat sensitive and they end up ruining the original look. Always use a light combination of make –up for the best results.

But in a bid to implement all the above, don’t mess up your originality! Good luck for your date!

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  2. LOL I remember I did the very last mistake that you mentioned. Overdid my kajal and I looked like Heath Ledger’s Joker hahaha. I think most of us should wear a light kajal, especially when going to the club. If accidentally smudged, it can ruin your look.

  3. I hate dressing up for dates. If you can’t take me when I am normal, you don’t deserve my best. For me, it’s my denims and kurta. They’re comfy, beautiful and bring out the best in me. Gowns and little black dresses can go to hell. – Nishan Kohli

  4. DatingStuffs hahaha….Don’tGoForAnythingSpecial(fromBothTheEnds)simplyDressYourselfAsPerYourAccordanceNothingElse…SuchStuffsNeverWork – Nishan kohli

  5. It think dressing according to the occasion does it for you.
    Depends you’re going on a movie date or some party or a dinner date.
    So dress up, don’t overdo. Keep it simple!

  6. Awesome ideas for having perfect dating. Great Admin Nishan Kohli for such ideas. give us some more tips for wedding faux pas.

  7. Well this is so true that over makeup irritates men. So ladies you should know that you are naturally beautiful and there is no need to put on lot of makeup when you are going to meet him. Nyc blog every women should read it . Great info by nishan kohli

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  9. Sounds interesting, Nishan kohli !! Although I have no plans of visiting North-east India in the near future, but one never knows!! As you have mentioned there are quite a few options to enjoy nature once you get bored with the hustle-bustle of the city. Thanks alot!

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  11. Always wear heels.Wear outfits that compliments your body shape but not screening too much would be a great option.Hand bags should not be too huge.

  12. Hi! these ideas are great and very helpful! could you pls suggest me and outfit for a dinner function!!

    Mt height is short and complexion is whitish..

  13. If your are a tall girl like me, avoid wearing high heels if you want your partner to look taller than you.i have made this mistake before and i regret till date….

  14. Plentiful great ideas !! I absolutely agree with choosing comfort and avoid wearing something excessively trendy……

  15. hahaha…..these are not fashion fluax mr nishan kohli…..these are neccesity of a date to put on more makeup and look as hawt as possible……

  16. I don’t think we should call someone’s dress a skin show just because they chose to wear it though a good blog

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