Makeup Hacks by Nishan Kohli


You may have read many Makeup Hacks on many web sites. Few hacks were useless, few were superb. We have rounded up all these Makeup Hacks by nishan kohli in one place for you. So have a Sneak Peek on our favorite 15 Top Makeup Hacks by Nishan Kohli

Makeup Hacks by Nishan Kohli

  1. Turn Your Eyeliner Pencil Into Gel

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 1

Turn your eyeliner pencil into a gel liner by heating the tip for one second. It will make it softer    and easy to apply.

  1. Easily Remove your Glitter Nail Polish

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 2

Use the white glue instead of the base coat. Apply your favorite glitter nail polish. Peel it off, when you are ready to remove the polish.

  1. Running Out of Eyeliner, Use Mascara

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 3

To swipe a bit of Mascara, use your liner brush and use it to line your upper lashes.

  1. Add Contact Solution to make a clumsy mascara last longer

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 4

Don’t throw away your mascara if it has dried up, just add contact solution into it. It will make it moist and ready to use again.

  1. Curl Your Lashes faster

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 5

Heat your eyelash curler with dryer. Let it cool a bit and then use it. The heat will set the curl so it will last longer.

  1. Make lip gloss at your Home

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 6

Make a lip gloss at your home just by adding eye shadow and petroleum jelly.

  1. Fix broken eye shadow and make it like new

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 7

Don’t throw away your broken eyeshadow. Add alcohol and then stir it. Left it for 15 minutes and see the magic.

  1. Achieve Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 8

Love those winged eyeliner, well you can get this at home by using a spoon.

  1. Smoky Eye MakeupNishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 9


Draw a slanted hashtag at the corner of your eye with the eyeliner pencil.Now blends it and you get that smoky eye without a lot of work.

  1. Make Your Hair Look instantly Thicker

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 10

Add a little eyeshadow on your part, to make your hair look instant thicker.

  1. Get the perfect pout  by drawing an “X” on your upper lip


Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 11Want to get a perfect pout, the easiest way is to take a lip liner of the same color as your lipstick and draw an “X” on the upper lip. Then apply your lipstick as you normally do.

  1. Dust translucent powder for a long lasting Lipstick

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 12

After putting a coat of lipstick, lay a tissue. Dust translucent powder on to make the color set so it stays on longer.

  1. Dry your hair with T-shirt instead of towel

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 13

Tees can dry your hair faster cause they are way more absorbent. So swap your towel with your T-shirt.

  1. Apply Glue to false eyelashes with the tip of Bobby pin

Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 15
Nishan Kolhi Makeup Hacks 14

To disperse the glue on the base of  your false eyelashes , use the tip of the clean Bobby Pin.

  1. For Cute Nail Art


Use Band Aid to get a cool and cute nail art.

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  3. Saw this product on the TV that makes your hair look denser (those Sky TV ads). It cost more than 2000 rupees. Hack number 10 does a better job than that awful product. It is way way WAY cheaper guys. Nishan Kohli

  4. Oh god, you’re a lifesaver! It’s difficult for me to get that smoked look that you’ve shown on 9. I often mess up by adding too much highlights with the brush. This eyeliner trick is ingenious!

  5. These are some great tips! I will show this to my sister and cousins and a few friends. This will save some time as well. Also girls will be ready for the date before time 😉 So that’s a plus for us guys!!

  6. The best one is point 11. To make hair look thicker. well all other makeup hacks are also awesome . Great ideas Nishan Kohli loved your blogs.

  7. Well sir I must appreciate your blogs and thoughts. Your blogs are really very useful for any kind of makeup for any occasions. And quick tricks are just mind blowing. I really a praise your blogs and article. Nishan kohli.

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