Nishan Kohli: About Me

Hello everyone there visiting my page, I am Nishan Kohli, a fashionista and makeup artist. I choose my career to make people look beautiful and make them happy. So i write blogs here for you all to make your self look more beautiful and be confident.  I share various makeup hacks in various categories like fashion, makeup and celebs. I also share various situation of real life and suggest how to carry your self, what to do and what not. So Hey beautiful people out there, follow my blog Nishan Kohli and stay forever 21.

More About Me….

I have done graduation from Delhi University in Arts. My schooling is done from Kendriya Vidhyalaya. After completing my graduation i went to Mumbai and worked with a fashion company as a content editor. I have read a lot about fashion and saw how a simple piece of cloths change your whole world and make you feel like you are at the top of the world. In simple word, a proper cloth and sober makeup enhances your confidence level and make you feel good. All these notions shaked my mind and i decided to become a makeup artist ONLINE 😉 to help people for free. NO CHARGES 😛

So guys  get a lot about your outfit, makeup and situation dressing tips at my website !!

You can also write me or ask me anything related to fashion or any beauty tip at Nishan Kohli‘s official wesbite contact page.