Nishan Kohli Tip on how to be creative with your scarf


Be it winter or summer one accessory that remains our favourite throughout the year is scarf!! Style expert Nishan Kohli is here with some easy breezy ways to be creative with your  scarf in a creative way. Keep reading the fashion tips by Nishan Kohli :

Nishan Kohli  Tip on how to be creative with your scarf

Take a large, square scarf preferably in a silky fabric. Now diagonally fold it in half and place it over your head in such a way that the middle section of the folded side comes over your forehead. Now connect and tie the long ends neatly at the back of your head. This style is inspired by the most stylish women in the history of fashion. This styling tip can help you to look funky but in a classy way. This is the best way to show your stylish side during every season. In summer it would protect you from the scorching sun and in winter it would save you from the chilly winds.

The Knotted Bib

If you are obsessed with bandannas then this style is exclusively for you! This latest styling technique gives a sleek effect that looks incredible on a silk scarf. Take a square silk scarf in and drape it on your hand in such a way that your hand is positioned adjoining one of the corners. Now gather the fabric around your fingers, and then pull them out in small sections. Now put these small sections together to make a small knot. Hold the scarf up by two ends and flip the knot in backward so that it ends up facing you. This would create a gathered effect on the reverse side. Tie the ends at the back of your neck and flaunt your stylish scarf.

The Tie Effect

This is one of the easiest ways to style your scarf. Take a thin and silky scarf that matches your outfit and put it around your neck. Now make a knot and bring it right in front of your neck. This simple trick can instantly lift up your casual style a notch higher.

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  4. Nyc styles. Nishan kohli you are great. My girl friend like your blog too much and follow your makeup hacks. Please write something on skin care and hair care. Thanx.

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  6. wow amazing style for wearing scarf. Thank admin for these ideas. Please share more tricks how to carry dupatta with lehnga. Thanks nishan kohli.

  7. Carrying sacrf acutally a very comfortable thing. it maches every dress and in you really know how to make them look beautiful then it can rock the floor. Amazing ideas…..

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